infrared panel heater


infrared panel heater

  • The popularity of carbon crystal infrared heaters in the European market
    Oct 13, 2023
    Carbon Crystal Infrared Heaters Gaining Traction in EuropeInfrared(IR) heating systems have been growing in popularity across Europe in recent years.   Now, a new generation of IR heaters featuring carbon crystal technology is experiencing a surge of interest in European markets. Carbon crystal infrared heaters use a specialized crystal-coated filament that allows for faster heat transfer and higher efficiency than traditional IR heaters. The carbon coating enables the filament to reach optimal temperatures faster, emitting infrared heat quickly after being powered on. According to industry experts, carbon crystal IR heaters can achieve efficiency improvements of 30-50% compared to conventional infrared bulbs.   Their fast heating response time provides rapid comfort heating that consumers appreciate. Several factors are driving the adoption of carbon crystal infrared heating in the European market:- Energy efficiency regulations and sustainability initiatives in the EU are boosting demand for green heating solutions. Carbon crystal IR heaters consume less power than legacy systems.- Advanced carbon coatings have improved lifespan and durability of the crystal filaments. This ensures reliable, long-lasting performance.- Rapid heating and direct warmth provided by IR systems is preferred over convection or gas heating by many consumers.- Smart IR heaters with WiFi-connectivity, voice-control, and mobile app integration provide convenience and meet modern expectations.   Major European manufacturers have invested in carbon crystal IR heater research and begun offering products featuring the technology. Adoption is projected to increase steadily across residential and commercial sectors in Europe as the technology matures and costs decline. With their energy-saving capabilities and next-gen features, carbon crystal infrared heaters are poised for continued growth in European markets.
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